OASIS OASIS Contract Vehicle OASIS

Benefits of OASIS

  • Supports both commercial & non-commercial requirements
  • Allows all contract types
  • Maximizes opportunities for Small Businesses
  • Streamlines acquisitions and provides better accountability
  • Supports customers with a robust Web Library
  • Full service administrative office for scope reviews and complete lifecycle support
  • Enables agencies to concentrate on agency missions rather than the acquisition itself - minimizing unnecessary proliferation of interagency and agency-wide contracts
  • Reduces the lead time & administrative efforts it currently takes agencies to acquire complex professional services
  • Offers on-ramp/off-ramp procedures to ensure a flexible, vibrant vendor pool

Alion: Your Choice for OASIS Solutions

  • Oganizational Maturity. Alion has a mature OASIS PMO, led by career acquisition professionals.
  • Seamless Solutions. Alion understands task order delivery - we collaborate with industry partners and incorporate diverse technologies our customers must have with seamless solutions
  • Superior Support. Alion's Government Contract Support Center, where our OASIS PMO resides, manages 11 IDIQ vehicles including Alliant, GSA Schedules PES, MOBIS and IT70
  • Contract Specialist. Alion's contract specialists are well versed in all contract types delivered by OASIS - Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials, Labor Hours and Hybrid tasks using multiple contract types within the same order
  • Proven Strategies. Our diverse portfolio of professional services delivery, across our entire company, demonstrates proven acquisition strategies to support our customers


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